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Delivery Service


Yes – we will be calling the receiver 30-60mins before delivery time to double confirm.
We will still proceed with the scheduled delivery and the rider will call once again upon reaching the delivery location.
Our rider will call receiver if it’s is ok to leave the parcel at a secure location (neighbor home, reception). Otherwise, it will be remarked as undelivered.
We will send the link to the sender for scheduling a redelivery/return parcel.
Yes. You can do so by using the link for re-scheduling process.
Log in into your account, input delivery information, goods information and payment method and the system will show the fee for you. Upon confirmation of placing order, the system to match up and our riders will arrive & pick up within 30mins.
Please enter full address of both the sender & receiver, including street/road name, number, block number, building name, unit number and postal code as much as available. If it is a commercial building, please give us more instruction on the meeting point.
It takes typically 5-10 minutes for the order to get accepted, in which the rider will arrive for pick up within 30 minutes. In case of advance booking (4 hours and above), your booking is guaranteed and the rider will arrive within the designated timeslot.
For immediate pick up, please contact our customer services if there is no rider confirmed your order after 10mins.

For advanced pick up, your order is guaranteed, but the rider information will be available only 10mins before pick up slot.
Our express services could deliver the parcel in 2 hours after successful picking up. We also offer within the day or slot delivery.
You can either use your credit card for cash-free process of pay our rider by cash upon picking up the parcel.
It is currently not available but will be made available soon within the next 6 months. Please sign up to our newsletter here to receive the latest update.
Our system will automatically compute the cost to you. Delivery starts at $5 and depends on the size of your parcel, delivery distance and your preferred delivery type.
In the ordering screen in our app, there is a field for you to input the promo codes. The delivery cost will be updated accordingly if the code is valid for use.
You can either place an order through our apps or online website. For business account, you can place bulk order or through your own system if it is integrated with ours.
Simply download our app through this link and sign up with your mobile number. After verification, you can start placing the order directly through the app.
Simply log in the app, click into your profile picture and you can edit anytime you want.
To ensure services reliability, our rider would need to contact you before & during delivery process. Please refer to our Privacy policy here.
We deliver island wide across Singapore except in restricted areas. Please find the full list of our restricted area here.
We deliver 7 days a week, from 8am to 10 pm including public holidays. Our customer services hotline is available daily from 9am – 6pm. For after hour enquiries please send us an email to
We can ship almost anything except restricted items as defined in our list here.
We can deliver any parcel with size up to 150cm x 50 cm x 60 cm and weigh up to 20kg.
Yes, within our app when placing the order, please specify your desired timing and we will match up with our rider.
Yes you can, however you need to place them under separate bookings. Each will be given a separate tracking number.
Sorry as of now we do not offer cross-border delivery.
Yes we do offer delivery for temperature sensitive products.
Yes you have to pack your items in to a proper packaging to prevent damage during delivery process. For information on how to pack your item please refer to our guide here.

We reserve the right to decline the pick-up should the item is not packed properly.
Yes. Please write or print the delivery information including address, receiver’s name & contact number and any special instruction if any and attach it securely in your parcel.
Yes we do. However customer needs to ensure proper packing with bubble wrap for these items with fragile stickers. All items should be able to hold their own weights.

We will not be liable for damage due to poor packaging.
You can access it any time from the app which will show your real-time delivery status and location of your parcel.
You will receive a notification once the parcel is delivered with the POD (SMS code or photo) from receiver.
You can log in to your account and check at order history, POD will be attached with each order.
Please contact our customer support immediately at to proceed with a claim.
We will proceed and complete the refund to your account within 30 days from the date of finalization of the claim
We built a comprehensive training program and background check before a rider could on-board. We also build a mutual rating system & frequently give feedback to our rider for continuous service improvement.
Yes, you can change it in the app. If it is before the rider pick up, we will re-calculate the fee for you & refund you the difference if any. However if it is after the rider pick up, we will need to charge some extra fee based on actual distance the rider has travelled and your new destination.
We offer a 10 minutes grace period after the rider has confirmed your order. Any cancellation before this will be free otherwise a minimal cancellation charge will be implied.