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why raRa delivery is the best choice?

Other Same-day Delivery
  • High on-demand cost
  • No bulk order
  • No monitoring dashboard
  • No statistic report
  • No COD service
  • Extra charge for extra features
RaRa Delivery Style
  • Flat-Rate based on SLA
  • Designed pick-up point
  • Direct dispatch
  • Available PIC on the field
  • COD available
  • API Integration
  • Multiway Live Chat support
  • Real-time delivery optimization
  • Informative dashboard
Regular Delivery
  • Long operational process
  • Package got damaged
  • Lost track issues
  • Long time delivery duration
  • No real time monitoring dashboard
  • Slow Customer Service Response

Insightful Business Dashboard

Real-Time Monitoring

Transparency is our priority, you'll get real-time updates on the delivery progress of all your orders at utmost ease. The data is very simple to comprehend in a graphical way which gives a slot-wise breakdown of your orders. You can access all of this in one dashboard so you'll always know where the Driver and the package are.

In-Depth Analytic Report

Get a summarized overview of all your orders with RaRa Delivery. See the analytics of the delivery efficiency and performance from month to month and you will instantly be assured that you made the right choice with your delivery partner.

Based Rates In The Market

The first 8 kilometers, you already save 25% per parcel and for the next kilometers you will save up to 50% than the typical 3 hours delivery in the market.

Our technology innovation optimizes both delivery process and delivery cost to enhance the delivery experience

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