Customer's Most Preferred Delivery Service

Customer’s Most Preferred Delivery Service

It has been more than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. Even though people are used to Coronavirus, people still have to wash their hands, keep their distance, and use masks when traveling. This regulation has not changed, as is the habit of people who are addicted to online shopping. It affects the delivery of services that must adapt to the community’s needs. Many deliveries offer a variety of services, ranging from same-day, instant delivery, cargo delivery, and others.

But, what kind of delivery service do customers want? Well, there are several factors that make delivery services most preferred by customers. We will discuss them one by one.

The factors of customer’s most preferred delivery service

  1. Delivery time
    Everyone who shops online would agree that the sooner they accept their orders, the more satisfied they are with the delivery service. So, make sure you choose a delivery service that can guarantee your customer’s package will arrive on time, or the sooner the better.
  2. The package tracking system
    Of course, you often encounter customers who often ask if the package has been delivered, where is the package position, when will the package arrive, and so on. You can minimize this by choosing a delivery service that provides an accurate tracking system, is always up-to-date, and has easy access. That way, customers will not worry about their packages that have not arrived.
  3. The package security system
    Many customer complaints say the package is damaged, confused, or even lost. Complaints like that can make your business bad because the delivery service is not responsible for the security of the package. Who wants to shop at a place that doesn’t guarantee package security, right?
  4. The COD system
    The term “money comes with the products” is still attached to the community. Therefore, you need to have a COD system in your business to make payments easier for people who really believe in seeing the goods until they first pay for the goods.

So, those are the factors of customer’s most preferred delivery service. You need to find out whether the delivery service you chose has those four factors or not. If not, then that delivery service is not your very best choice for your business.

The best delivery service for your business

In addition, RARA has all the factors you need in delivery service. Firstly, we ensure all packages are sent on time instantly. Secondly, each order has an OTP code that is sent directly to the customer so that package security is guaranteed. The OTP will be sent along with a tracking link that will always be updated. And the last is the COD in our system is available for instant delivery and you can receive the nominal immediately. In conclusion, we are the best delivery service for your business.

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