Frequently Ask Questions

  • How to track my order?

    Go to TRACK page and input your tracking number or you can contact our customer service channel.

  • How to claim damaged/loss/failed order?

    We guaranteed that there will be no damaged/loss goods in our delivery service. If it's happen to you, you can start the claim by report it to the seller.

  • What should I do when my delivery order is failed?

    If it's the first failed order notification you got, we will deliver your parcel by the next day. But, if it's the third one, we will return your parcel to the seller, and you need to report your claim to the seller.

  • How to know specific Driver location?

    In the future, you can check it by clicking a live track button on the app, but for now we only provide live tracking for members via member dashboard.

  • Why my delivery order is late?

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are commit to deliver your parcel within the same-day when we receive your parcel. But, if you didn't received in the same day, you can call our customer service via chat that we provide.

  • Why my delivery order is not being picked yet?

    Most of the time, our pick-up schedule is arranged according to the seller delivery operation. You need to ask the seller about their pick-up time.

  • What is OTP code that I received?

    OTP code that you received is for authentication that you are the correct person to received the parcel. Please, don't give it to unrelated person.

  • Why I got notification about delivery process?

    We would like to let you know that your delivery order is on delivery process, so then you'll be prepared to be notified to receive the parcel.

  • How long my delivery order is?

    Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) depends on the service you choose. If you choose same-day delivery service, it will take 6-8 hours and if you choose instant delivery service, it will take 1-3 hours.

  • What is Order Placed status?

    Order placed status means your order is placed and scheduled to pickup.

  • What is Picked-Up from Warehouse status?

    Your parcel is already being picked from warehouse and going to next delivery process.

  • What is Delivered to HUB status?

    Your parcel is successfully being delivered to RaRa Delivery HUB.

  • What is Accepted status?

    Your parcel is already being assigned and accepted by our Driver.

  • What is Going to Pick-Up status?

    Our Driver is on the way to the pick-up location, it can be our HUB or pick up location set by the seller.

  • What is Arrived at Pick-Up status?

    Our Driver has arrived at the pick up location, and ready to pick up your parcel.

  • What is parcel Picked status?

    Our Driver has successfully picked your parcel and ready to deliver to your address.

  • What is Start Delivery status?

    Our Driver is on the way to your address.

  • What is Arrived at Drop Off status?

    Our Driver has arrived at the destination address.

  • What is Delivery Succeed status?

    Your parcel has been successfully delivered.

  • What is No status?

    Our Driver has arrived at your doorstep but can't find anyone or unable to contact you to receive the parcel.

  • What is Return to HUB status?

    Because our Driver can't find anyone or a way to contact you to deliver your parcel, the Driver return your parcel to our HUB.

  • What is Returned to HUB status?

    Our Driver has returned your parcel to our HUB and will be deliver again to your address in the next day.

  • What is Return Hold status?

    Your parcel has been received at our HUB savely.

  • Guaranteed Same-Day Delivery

    We guarantee that your parcel will be delivered within the same day we receive your delivery order.

  • Flat-Rate Pricing

    Our same-day delivery service does not charge on distance basis like you used to know, we charge base on area of operation or SLA that we have agreed on.

  • Cash On Delivery (COD)

    We provide a Cash On Delivery (COD) service for you with no additional charge.

  • API Integration

    We are supported by a tech advantage so we can shortly integrate our system to make the delivery process seamlessly.

  • Customized Delivery

    Our services and mode of transportation can be customized to meet your delivery needs.

  • Marketing Collaboration

    Our marketing and creative team is open to any marketing or promotional collaboration that will benefit both parties.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    As a member, you'll get an access to a dashboard where you can track your delivery orders in real-time. No need to input the tracking code one by one.

  • In-Depth Analytic Report

    Our member dashboard will provide you with the delivery operational report where you will be able to take decision on a daily basis.

  • Customer Notification

    We'll send a notification through SMS or Whatsapp chat when an order is on delivery process.

  • OTP Authentication

    OTP authentication is to make sure that the parcel is delivered to the correct recipient.

  • What is RaRa Delivery?

    RaRa Delivery is a tech startup company who make last-mile or same-day delivery truly scalable at the most affordable cost.

  • What is Same-day delivery?

    Same-day delivery is one of RaRa Delivery services where your parcel will be guaranteed to be delivered within the same day or 6-8 hours ETA.

  • What is Instant delivery?

    Instant delivery is one of RaRa Delivery service where your parcel will be guaranteed to be delivered in a matter of hours or 1-3 hours ETA.

  • Where is RaRa Delivery Office?

    Our main office is located at Cohive Menara Tekno, Tanah Abang, Jakarta.

  • How to contact RaRa Delivery officer?

    You can contact our officers by providing us information about you and your purposes via CONTACT US form in our website.

  • Where is RaRa Delivery coverage area of operation?

    Our coverage area for now is Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Bogor, we'll be open to Bandung and Surabaya in the near future. If you need our service to open in other area, feel free to talk with us.

  • Who is the founder of RaRa Delivery?

    Karan Bhardwaj is our beloved Founder and CEO. He is a former eCommerce Supply Chain Lead at Unilever. He managed end-to-end Supply Chain for Unilever eCommerce in Southeast Asia region, working with the likes of Lazada, Shopee, aCommerce etc.

  • Where can I check open job position in RaRa Delivery?

    You can check the open position in the CAREER page on our website.

  • How can I apply to an open job position in RaRa Delivery?

    You can apply the open job position to your preference and professionalism by clicking the apply button and filling the required data.

  • How long does it take for me to get response for my job application?

    The response time will be different for each job application but, most of the time it will take maximum to 30 days. Please read the open job description thoroughly

  • What is the basic requirement to join RaRa Delivery team?

    We value great personality and creativity, other than that you'll need to match your skills and experiences to the job requirements.

  • How can I register to become RaRa Delivery's Driver?

    You can visit our social media bio link and select the menu for Driver Registration.

  • How much will I earn as Driver in RaRa Delivery?

    It will be depend to your delivery capacity you can handle, but you'll get a better earning estimation in the DRIVER page on our website.

  • What is the other benefit that I got as a Driver in RaRa Delivery?

    Beside the extra income, you'll have a better experience in a tech company in the same-day & instant delivery service and you'll be blessed with a strong and fabulous community.

  • Why I haven't get a call for the training yet?

    Wait for the training invitation via SMS. We need time to adjust our driver onboarding based on the market needs.

  • Where is the training location for RaRa Delivery Driver?

    Our training location can be different according to the project you are assigned to, please contact the one who call you for more information.

  • Where is the RaRa Delivery Driver Center?

    Our Driver Center is Located in Tanah Tinggi, Jakarta.

  • How will I receive my payment as Driver in RaRa Delivery?

    You'll get a weekly payment base on your quantity of order you delivered and the incentive you get for extra delivery orders.

  • I already join other similar company, can I still join RaRa Delivery?

    Yes, you can. But if you are from Ninja, Paxel or Anteraja and you are still an active employee, I'm sorry you can't join RaRa Delivery. Other than that, if you are an active employee from Grab or Gojek or from the same kind of company, you can still be a Driver in RaRa Delivery.

  • Is there any document that RaRa Delivery need to keep?

    No documents will be withheld if you are still at the registration stage

  • Is there any registration fee to join?

    There is no registration fee. It's free to join RaRa Delivery as long you meet our requirements.

  • What is the requirements to become RaRa Delivery's Driver?

    You can see the requirements on our social media. Click link on the bio and choose Driver Form Registration

  • What type of goods could Rara delivery deliver?

    We can delivery all type of goods except for living animals, high valuable items such as money, easy to burn items, or any forbidden goods by the law

  • What should I bring for training session?

    You don't need to bring anything. But please make sure your phone battery is full and follow all the training instruction accordingly

  • Are there any documents that must be completed as a requirement for registration?

    You should upload Citizen ID Card, Driving Licence, Police Clearance, Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Plate. All these document should be in photo

  • Is there an age limit to become a Driver?

    Right now, there is no limitation of age to become RaRa Delivery Driver. But keep in mind that this work requires a good physical condition.

  • After doing the registration process, how long do I have to wait until my Driver account is active?

    You must complete the online training first. If you passed, then we would invite you to join the project training. After that your account will fully activated.

  • Are there additional payments or bonuses when I become RaRa Deliverys's Driver?

    You will get payment if you assigned to a project with daily minimum income guaranteed and incentive. You will know once you join the project training.

  • What things can cause my payment to be cut?

    If you purchase any kind of attribute at our driver store, we will deduct your payment before we transfer it to your bank account.

  • Where is RaRa Delivery coverage area of operation?

    Our coverage area for now is Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Bogor, we'll be open to Bandung and Surabaya in the near future. If you need our service to open in other area, feel free to talk with us.

  • If my domicile is not included in the RaRa Delivery's coverage area, can I still register as a Driver?

    Yes, you can register as our Driver. We will reach you once we have operation in your area.

  • If i failed the exam, can I register again to become RaRa Delivery's Driver?

    You have 3 tries for the exam, do not rush and do your best, if you exceed the try limit, you cannot be activated as our driver.

  • What should I do if I want to change my training schedule?

    Basic training is online, you can do it anytime and anywhere you like. But for project training, you will be invited and get the PIC for project. If you want to reschedule your training, you can contact your PIC project.

  • How do I contact a RaRa Delivery sales agent?

    Where have you been? We are looking for you! You can immediately fill in the form on the BUSINESS page on our website and we will contact you shortly.

  • How can I use RaRa Delivery?

    We need to see how we can elevate your delivery needs so you can trust us. Don't worry, it won't take long. Please fill in a form in our BUSINESS page on our website so we can start the process.

  • What if my business operational area is not covered by RaRa Delivery?

    Don't worry, we are here to fully support and elevate your customer delivery experience and we are strongly and fastened our way to cover other area too.

  • Where can I access my member dashboard?

    Make sure you have a password for it and you can access the page by clicking MEMBER menu on our website.

  • How can I download my delivery order data?

    You can find in in your dashboard report or you can request it to our operational & member support.

  • How can I ask for more Driver force?

    Our Driver force is standby at anytime. You can inform us how much increase of the delivery quantity that you need and we will calculate how many Driver we need to add.

  • What should I do if I can foresee the increase in delivery quantity?

    To maintain a great ETA, we need to make sure that the Driver force is suitable for the quantity of order you are getting. If you can foresee there will be an increase or decrease in your delivery quantity you can inform us beforehand, so we'll prepare the rest for you.

  • What should I do if my business operational is off for temporary?

    You are required to inform us 7 days before, so we can allocate the Driver force to other projects. And we will always standby for your upcoming delivery once you active again.

  • How can I register as a Seller at RaRa Delivery?

    You can go to our website and click the Sign Up button on the top right.

  • What if my business operational area is not in RaRa Delivery's coverage area?', 'rara-delivery-wp-theme

    Contact our business representative via our web or link in the social media bio. We are here to fully support and elevate your business delivery experience and we are fastened our way to cover other area too.

  • Is there a registration fee for Seller?

    You can access our Seller Panel freely as you like, this innovation is always mean to help you and pay only for what you've ordered.

  • Do I have to wait for some time after I register my business?

    You can directly start placing delivery order after you complete the Sign Up and setup process in Seller Panel.

  • Will my business data be guaranteed safe if I register as a Seller in RaRa Delivery?

    Your personal and sensitive information will be secured by our system. Your information about the business name, address, and other related data neede to help the delivery process will be visible only to the related person such as the driver and the recipient.

  • What kinds of packages can the RaRa Delivery's Driver carry?

    Our Driver have been facilitated with equipment to support your delivery order. As long as your items do not belong to those prohibited by law and do not exceed our maximum package size, our Driver will handle your package save and sound.

  • What package sizes are available in RaRa Delivery?

    Here are the package size you can deliver with us:

    - Small (Max weight: 2 kg and max dimension: 10 cm)

    - Medium (Max weight: 5 kg and max dimension: 20 cm)

    - Large (Max weight: 10 kg and max dimension: 30 cm)

    - Jumbo (Max weight: 15 kg and max dimension: 40 cm)

  • How many packages can RaRa Delivery's Driver carry when delivering order?', 'rara-delivery-wp-theme

    Our system will calculate how many Driver you need for your order, you just need to place the order and the rest will be handled by us.

  • Is there any insurance for every package sent?

    For now, we are not in partnership with the insurance company, but we gurantee your package safety and you can claim if there is anything wrong caused by our delivery process.

  • Does RaRa Delivery provide extra protection for vulnerable packages?

    Please take note to secure your item before hand it over to our driver. Our Driver will always take a good care for any type of item you requested to deliver.

  • What kind of payment methods that RaRa Delivery use?

    We suggest you to use our Membership and RaRa Point to get full benefit of our service, but we also allow you to complete the payment via virtual account and e-wallet.

  • How much the COD fee in RaRa Delivery?

    Providing the convenient payment for your customer is one of our priority, by using our COD feature we only charge you 1% per package amount.

  • How much the delivery cost in RaRa Delivery?

    Our cost is calculated with innovative delivery operational model, you can check for the detail on our Membership package in Seller Panel. We recommend you to use our Membership and get the best price far from the market.

  • What kind of vehicle that RaRa Delivery uses?

    Our fleet is a combination of two wheels and four wheels fleet to help you optimize the delivery experience.

  • How to talk with RaRa Delivery customer service?

    Our chat will lead you to our customer service, but we encourage you to find the information you need by selecting option you'll get when you chat with us.

  • What is the RaRa Delivery customer service number?

    For now we haven't provide any number yet, but we promise you we will have a good conversation in the chat, just try by typing “HI”.

  • Is RaRa Delivery using chatbot when I send a message?

    We use specific AI-chat bot that actually response to your most frequent information you'll need. But you can also talk to our customer service agent directly in the chat.

  • Is RaRa Delivery Driver already take a precaution steps before deliver my parcel?

    Before any delivery activities, our Driver has take precaution and always wear mask and sterilized at our HUB.

  • Is my parcel not contaminated by COVID-19?

    We take care of any parcel with loves, even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Do I need to prepare a specific place for the Driver to put my parcel?

    You can do that, but please inform our Driver so they can directly put your parcel in the specific place you requested.

  • How should I give my money when I use COD?

    You can place it in the specific place, but please inform our Driver beforehand.

  • Is RaRa Delivery Driver or staff have ever got positive case?

    Thank to the protection of our mighty God and our precaution rule, none of our team have ever got a positive case.

  • What should I do if the road to my address being blocked for COVID-19 precaution?

    You can inform our Driver to take a detour, meet within the radius of your address, or you can also request to be delivered on the next day.