Customer's Most Preferred Delivery Service
Customer’s Most Preferred Delivery Service

It has been more than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. Even though people are used to Coronavirus, people still have to wash their hands, keep their distance, and use masks when traveling. This regulation has not changed, as is the habit of people who are addicted to online shopping. It affects the […]

The Powerful Ways of Dealing with Negative Reviews
The Powerful Ways of Dealing with Negative Reviews

Dealing with negative reviews from customer can be difficult. It can make us feel down immediately. After that, you become less confident with your product. However, you can deal with these negative reviews and actually use it as a reference to selling even better products. There are some powerful ways of dealing with negative reviews […]

Video Content To Grow Your Business
Video Content To Grow Your Business

Are you aware that now many businesses are creating video content for their business? Wyzowl, a company that produces video content for businesses based in the UK, shows a statistic where 74% of respondents were convinced to buy a product after watching a video from a brand.* *Source: The data indicates that videos can […]

The Most Affordable COD For MSMEs
The Most Affordable COD For MSMEs

While almost all delivery services already have the feature of sending packages instantly, at the same time, the price competition for product delivery is getting tougher. The need for features that have affordable prices can help businesses be profitable for the business themselves and also the customers, especially the COD feature. So, as an MSME […]

Tips for Attracting Customers Based on Character
Tips for Attracting Customers Based on Character

Attracting customers to buy your product is more or less the same as attracting a crush to want to be your partner. You have to know first what their character is like and whether it matches the character you want. In this article, we’re going to find out how to attract customers based on their […]

The Safest Delivery Service for Business Using OTP
The Safest Delivery Service for Business Using OTP

What does a safe delivery service mean? A safe delivery service is a delivery that is able to ensure all packages are sent to the customer’s hands properly without any defects. But, not only that. Safe delivery service must also ensure that customers receive the package they order, not switched with other packages, or worst […]

Advantages and Strategies of Cashback for MSMEs and Online Sellers
Advantages and Strategies of Cashback for Online Sellers

If there’s an online shop that does lots of promotions, the customer will be enthusiastic to join that promotion, right? Whether it’s a discount, buy 1 get 1 free, or cashback, everyone still loves it. Therefore, we will discuss the advantages and strategies of cashback for you MSMEs and online sellers. Firstly, you need to […]

Driver RaRa Delivery Banyak Untungnya!

Banyaknya keuntungan jadi Driver RaRa delivery, terutama penghasilan yang stabil untuk Driver karena selalu ada order setiap harinya.

Pengiriman Aman Ala RaRa Delivery Pakai OTP

Penggunaan OTP adalah alasan pengiriman aman RaRa delivery. Kode ini berguna untuk meningkatkan kepercayaan Penjual, Driver dan Pelanggan.

Live Chat RaRa Delivery: Fitur Baru Yang Pintar & Canggih

Live Chat RaRa Delivery adalah fitur canggih untuk Customer agar bisa berkomunikasi langsung dengan Driver dan Customer Service langsung melalui WhatsApp

Seller Panel RaRa Delivery, Resmi Launching! Simak Fitur-fiturnya…

Seller Panel adalah sebuah produk dari RaRa Delivery yang dibuat khusus untuk pebisnis
Fitur-fitur Seller Panel dapat membantu semua aktivitas pengiriman bisnis jadi lebih mudah

RaRa Delivery Mendapatkan Pendanaan Awal S$1.2 Juta

Pendanaan tahap awalyang membuat RaRa Delivery berhasil menunjukkan kekuatan sistem teknologi pengirimannya sehingga dapat mengirim barang dengan cepat di hari yang sama.

RaRa Delivery Merilis Layanan Pengiriman Same Day di Indonesia!

Peluncuran pengiriman same-day di Indonesia dengan teknologi optimalisasi secara nyata yang membuat biaya pengiriman lebih terjangkau.

4 Hal Menarik Tentang RaRa Delivery yang Bikin Beda!

4 hal menarik RaRa Delivery yaitu seputar fitur-fitur keren yang akan didapatkan saat menjadi partner bisnis RaRa Delivery.

Bocoran Fitur Seller Panel RaRa Delivery! Buruan Booking Demo!

Seller Panel RaRa Delivery adalah fitur yang dibuat khusus untuk bisnis agar pengiriman barang same-day menjadi lebih mudah.

Daftar Driver RaRa Delivery, Gimana Caranya?

Proses pendaftaran jadi Driver RaRa Delivery yang mudah dan bisa dilakukan di mana pun karena semuanya dapat diakses secara online.